We offer a variety of landscaping services


Retaining walls: natural stone and precast stone construction

Professional retaining walls provide structural support to gardens, as well as creating visual interest. We use natural stone or precast stone, built on a solid subsurface with proper drainage.

Natural paving stone patios and garden features

We are the stone specialists for all of your gardening needs. We excel in creating landscapes with a natural feel by incorporating natural stone in our projects.

Supply and install of trees, shrubs and plants

From sourcing and selecting to placing and planting, we provide greenery and flowers to make your garden a natural retreat.

Custom decks and fences

Whether you want to replace an existing deck or add a new outdoor space, we design and build custom decks made from a variety of different materials.

For fences around your garden, we install fencing that is built to last.

For more decorative fencing, we use age-old, traditional European wattle woven fences that look great all year round.


We can provide automatic watering systems to maintain your plants or lawn.


We construct outdoor lighting to extend the time you use your outdoor space. We create a welcoming environment, or install security lighting.

Fountains and artwork

We design and build beautiful water features and bespoke artwork for you garden. If you want a truly unique piece of outdoor art, we can take your idea and make it the showpiece of your garden.


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